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New Motor Installation Services

The motor is an electronic device in the garage door opener that assists in smoothing opening and closing of the door. If the motor is not functioning properly, it could be a problem with one of its parts or malfunction of both parts. In most cases it is easier and cheaper to repair only the damaged part of the motor. Sometimes the motor maybe damaged beyond repair and the only viable solution is replacing the old motor with a new one. In the world today, people have gone crazy about “DIY” approach in the name of saving time and cost forgetting that not all things you can do own your own. The motor is a very technical and sensitive part of the garage door and you should never attempt to repair or replace it if you do not have the necessary technical knowledge and experience. There are many people advising on how you can install your new motor on your own but they may not be detailed enough and following them will lead you to more serious problem which will require a new door installation. You should always trust POMONOK garage door repair NY technicians to repair replace and install the new motor for you. The technicians have been trained to handle all types of motors and their many years’ experience cannot be doubted. Our charges are very low and we offer discounts to all our motor installation clients.

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